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Blogger threatened for listening to radio

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Date: May 21, 2007 - 11:00 AM
A blogger who published a javascript hack necessary to listen to Atlanta's Blue Skye radio stream on Linux is now being threatened with lawsuits for publishing already publicly-available information.

For your knowledge, the URLs posted on my blog are PUBLIC URLs, and they are
"REVEALED" by Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 when when clicking on File,

It is by no means "reverse engineering", "intellectual property violation",
nor anything else your twisted mind might have thought of.


This is the most idiot lawsuit I have ever heard of ? these people might come from the Stone Age, I assume; or maybe they don't know what a stream is and what an URL is, but they definitely know what a lawyer is.
He's also got a follow-up covering such older issues of brain-dead lawyering as the classic shift key lawsuit, in which a blogger was sued for reminding people that (as a published, public feature of Windows) you can stop a CD-Rom from auto-executing just by holding down the shift key.

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