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Date: May 07, 2007 - 10:03 AM
In last weekend's Digg explosion, John Dvorak says that the problem is lawyers who made it a big deal.

Kind of like sending in the police in riot gear and expecting the story to stay quiet.

First of all, lawyers can be idiots and have no sense of public relations. According to the New York Times and others, this entire current fiasco was started by the too-common threatening letter.

When an attorney sends out threatening letters to people these days, especially to bloggers and other Internet mavens, these documents get scanned and published online to be widely distributed.

Most of these letters are written to sound intimidating, often with a lot of language that's mean-spirited. People, sometimes by the millions, read these and get angry not at the lawyer, but at the company that hired the lawyer. This can lead to a public-relations disaster.
And if a disaster is what the AACS wanted, it's what they got.

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