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Date: Apr 24, 2007 - 04:59 PM
It looks like Square is looking at their recent spate of "expanded universe" games set in the Final Fantasy VII world, and are trying to do this from the get-go with Final Fantasy 13.

The current set of Final Fantasy projects can be divided into four groups, explained Hashimoto. There's the Fabula Nova Crystallis (Final Fantasy XIII) group, the Ivalice Alliance (Final Fantasy Tactics, Revenant Wings) group, the Crystal Chronicles group (working exclusively on Nintendo hardware, Nintendo Dream states) and the Final Fantasy XI group.

For its followup question, Nintendo Dream revealed an interesting bit of trivia about Nintendo. According to the magazine, Nintendo has a gathering which one can think of as a "Zelda Steering Council" of sorts that discusses what's appropriate and inappropriate for Zelda games. According to Hashimoto, Square Enix does not have something like this for the Final Fantasy series. Even the design of the Chocobo characters, for instance, changes with every game.
In short: expect a lot more Ivalice and "Fabula Nova Crystallis" all over the Final Fantasy titles in the future.

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