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Nintendo on top again?

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Date: Apr 20, 2007 - 01:45 PM
The most unlikely of scenarios has come to pass: Nintendo's looking at being the #1 console of the generation, and even the Wall Street Journal is noticing them again.

But against the odds, Nintendo has become the company to beat in the games business, as the Wii flies off store shelves nearly as quickly as the company can make them. The buzz about the Wii has overshadowed the even greater success Nintendo has had with the Nintendo DS, a portable game player that is still selling briskly more than two years after its introduction.

The Kyoto-based company's unexpected strength is prompting broader changes throughout the industry as game makers that were caught off guard by Nintendo's strength -- including powerhouses like Electronic Arts Inc., the world's largest publisher of games -- hurry to beef up development of games that take better advantage of Nintendo hardware. "This has been a honeymoon with consumers like Nintendo hasn't had in a decade or more," says John Taylor, a veteran games analyst at Arcadia Investment Corp. in Portland, Ore.
The thought occurs, for those in Microsoft and Sony: it's about the games, people!

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