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The final CRPG ages

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Date: Apr 12, 2007 - 01:45 PM
Gamasutra offers up the final two ages of the Computer RPG: Platinum, and Modern.

Yet, there are plenty of gamers out there still playing Rogue and running the classics on emulators or via nifty new services like GameTap (see this list of GameTap?s RPGs). Games like Oblivion, Dungeon Siege II, and Neverwinter Nights II continue to show up on the charts, and an undisputed masterpiece like Knights of the Old Republic is still enough to win over old fans and introduce hordes of new gamers to the genre.

My guess is that the next big revolution in CRPGs is just around the corner, though it?s impossible to tell from which company it might arise, or what form it might take.
My guess is that we'll see more KOTOR and Oblivion-type titles, and developers will continue to try to milk the MMORPG for all it's worth.

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