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Date: Apr 05, 2007 - 09:36 AM
PJ over at Groklaw's got some interesting things to say about SCO claiming they "couldn't" find her to serve her with a summons regarding their IBM lawsuit:

It doesn't feel so nice to be smeared like this, I can tell you that, and to have to pay a lawyer to deal with this harassment. I view it as such, as a kind of SLAPP suit, a vendetta to pay me back for blowing the whistle, and to shut Groklaw up. SCO wants to put a pin on a map and point to it and say, "Here's PJ." Then someone drops by and shoots me, I suppose. I certainly have nothing to tell them that is relevant to this litigation.
And so the stupidest lawsuit in the history of the world just got stupider. And a whole lot meaner.

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