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Hack your senses?

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Date: Apr 03, 2007 - 12:06 PM
Wired looks at an interesting concept - using the human brain's wired senses to analyze stuff it can't normally perceive.

The most primitive application is night-vision goggles, but this stuff looks deeper.

Direction isn't something humans can detect innately. Some birds can, of course, and for them it's no less important than taste or smell are for us. In fact, lots of animals have cool, "extra" senses. Sunfish see polarized light. Loggerhead turtles feel Earth's magnetic field. Bonnethead sharks detect subtle changes (less than a nanovolt) in small electrical fields. And other critters have heightened versions of familiar senses ? bats hear frequencies outside our auditory range, and some insects see ultraviolet light.
They've got some pretty neat instruments in there - though most of it involves touch. I'd love to see someone manage to translate touch back into hearing.

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