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Rockstar's downhill slide

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Date: Mar 29, 2007 - 05:48 PM
Wired looks at how Rockstar games hit the skids:

The trouble began five years ago, when Rockstar?s embattled parent company, Take-Two Interactive, came under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since then, there have been charges of shady accounting and backdated stock options. Last October, Ryan Brant, cofounder and onetime CEO of Take-Two, resigned. Four months later, he pleaded guilty to falsifying business records and agreed to pay more than $7 million in penalties, bringing his lifetime Take-Two hit to almost $11 million. He?ll be sentenced in August, and his departure was emblematic of a company that has seen three CEOs and two CFOs leave since 2001.
They've got some great detail, not just into the shady money but into the past few terrible games.

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