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Date: Jun 01, 2005 - 05:00 PM
IGN has an interview with Human Head Studios regarding Prey, and it's a hell of a read. I'm off the fence and actively looking forward to this one... launching before Duke Nukem Forever gets done, that is.

IGN: We're glad game designers aren't following the American TV premise that all lead characters have to be straight white males. Why did you chose a Native American, and what are the implications of his heredity in the story?

Chris Rhinehart: We chose the Cherokee because they have a fascinating mythology and are a proud people, despite an incredible amount of hardship and strife. One of the themes of the story is about Tommy, the protagonist of Prey, rediscovering and accepting this heritage.

Tommy is an average guy. He's working a dead-end job, he's stuck on a reservation that he hates. He has rejected the beliefs of his people. His girlfriend, Jenny, is the one thing keeping him from leaving.

He's not the average square-jawed hero who is there to save the day. When Tommy and Jenny are abducted by the alien ship, Tommy is only concerned with finding her and getting the hell off the ship, not about trying to stop the aliens from destroying the planet.

Hence the tag line: Earth's Savior Doesn't Want the Job.
Okay. If they can pull this off, it'll be a classic.

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