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 Mar 02, 2005 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Confessions of a Scammer

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
For those who play MMORPG's, here's a startling heads-up: Confessions of an EVE Online scammer.

I had been gliding through space for about 90 minutes when I saw the red targeting cursor. My pod beeped, and I shouted at the monitor, ?***** DAMN IT!? Seconds passed, and I was perplexed; no missiles had hit my pod, and no lasers blasts were ripping through my hull. My speed bar was decreasing. 400 m/s. 300 m/s. 200 m/s. I slowly grinded to a halt. ?Your engines have been disabled,? the notification read. His name was DanielSan, and he had me immobilized in space. My life was in the hands of the ***** karate kid.

His message arrived shortly after, ?give me 500k or I?m gonna blow you to shit.?

?All right, calm down, I?ll wire the money right now.? I groped for the send button, nervously trying to type in 500,000 in the wire transfer box. The way I figured it, giving up the profits from a single 30 minute trade run more than justified the loss of skills and time I would have incurred if I was blown away.

A second before the wire went through, I received another message: ?send it NOW you *****. Heres a little present.? A single laser blast tore through the mass of my ship, bringing my hull integrity down to 15%. ?Ok, you can leave now *****, and dont come back.? Thirty seconds later, my engines let out a low whine as they came back to life. Once again, I had narrowly evaded death at the hands of a malevolent prick with a dumb name. My engines were damaged and on fire, only operating at 1/3 capacity. My ship hobbled through space towards the jump gate, beads of sweat broke out on my forehead with each additional meter; I feared that the karate kid would pull the equivalent of a Mr. Miyagi finishing move by blowing me the ***** up. As I passed through the warp gate, I vowed my revenge, and 60 minutes later, I arrived at Willie?s, a broken, burning shell of a man.
This is why I don't play MMO games that involve PK.

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