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 Jul 15, 2004 - 01:30 PM - by Michael
* Graphics don't need to improve?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Matt Sakey of the IDGA says that video game graphics don't need to improve.
But there's still something missing from the graphics in general, and the people specifically, portrayed in our games. It is easier now to perceive and interpret visual information from game worlds and characters than ever before, but those characters are unsettlingly funereal in visage: cadaverous, ghastly, at times repellent. And yet our ?face tech,? along with all other graphic technology, is better than ever. What gives?
The answer's found, of course, in the Mori Valley, that unusual dip where things that are on a certain border between being surreal, and ultra-realistic, become creepy. It can be pretty annoying at times, seeing a game that's technically "perfect" and state of the art for graphics in which every character looks like a zombie. On the other hand, this just means developers get to spend some time examining more artistic approaches - like Cel Shading. And of course, Nintendo may manage to get it right despite Mori's valley.

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