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 Jun 10, 2004 - 05:00 PM - by Michael
* Atari Prez Bruno Bonnell on the PSP: OUCH.

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Bruno Bonnell's comments on the PSP over at CNN/Money make a very good point.
"We saw pictures and a nice prototype at E3, but I want to see more," Bonnell said at a Piper Jaffrey consumer conference Wednesday. "Yeah, it's cool. It's nice, like a nice car. But we have no idea if the PSP's pricing is going to be $250, $350 or $500. "What about the breakable aspects of it? If it breaks, can you bring it back and get another one for free? What about the movie strategy? The wireless strategy? The MP3 downloading? We don't know. What about the connectivity issues? We don't know. What about the video output? We don't know."
Personally, I'd add in my own worries - the PSP is a nightmare of feature creep. Being a mp3 player would be nice, but they haven't said how it'll get the files onboard (and it's not exactly likely to be easy, given the concerns they'd then have about game piracy going the other way or people modding the heck out of it to load Linux or somesuch). Being a movie player is nice, BUT instead of using CD/DVD media, it uses mini-media, so any movie you'd like to watch on it you have to buy AGAIN to use in another location (or buy again to play on the PSP even if you already own the DVD version). I just don't see it catching on... and I hate to say that, too.

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