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 Feb 15, 2005 - 04:30 PM - by Michael
* Square/Enix whips out the Ban-Stick

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Far too late to stop me from leaving the game, Square/Enix have finally started banning the accounts of players who were running 'bots and otherwise ruining FFXI:

Actions Taken Due to Member Agreement Violations

On February 14, over 800 accounts which repeatedly violated the PlayOnline
Member Agreement were permanently banned from PlayOnline.

The users of these accounts would form groups to monopolize the hunting
spots of notorious monsters (NM). They also repeatedly performed harassment and MPK actions against other players.

Grief tactics, including harassment, are listed in the PlayOnline Member
Agreement as violations and are not allowed for any reason. Also,
interfering other players' game play in order to monopolize monsters which spawn in hunting spots is not allowed.

Based on the above, we have taken strict actions against players who have
violated the PlayOnline Member Agreement.

If you become a victim of harrasment, please make a GM Call and report the issue directly to a Game Master.

Your understanding and cooperation will help us provide the best experience possible to our players.
Well gee, you're only a year late boys.

Had you done this LAST February, I might still be playing.

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