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 Feb 08, 2005 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* More Windows phishing

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft has word that when phishing attacks using Windows Genuine Advantage (M$'s latest "anti-piracy" scheme) start coming in, nobody should be surprised.

Several news sites carried a small item on Monday that a new phishing attack had started using the news of Microsoft's recently announced program to inhibit piracy, known as Windows Genuine Advantage, as a hook to reel in financial information from potential victims. Unfortunately, the news stories are ahead of their time.

The advisory that started the stories doesn't mention the program, but does include the text of two scam e-mail messages. The first e-mail resembles an attack reported on previously by, and the second attack exploits the Windows XP Activation program, a different kettle of phish altogether, as the hook.
Phishing's common enough that we should expect it - just look at all the viruses masquerading as emailed MS security patches.

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