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 Feb 07, 2005 - 11:30 AM - by Michael
* Galactic Conquest Finished?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Looks like Galactic Conquest, the guys importing tons of Star Wars units into Battlefield 1962, are just about done.
NEW VEHICLES: ---------------------- -BWing *Space Rockets do heavy damage to Capital Ships but have very short range. *Ion cannons fire for the first fraction of overheat and do damage to cap ships. -SandCrawler *Used as a mobile spawn fortress for the rebels. Very tough, very big. -I3 Satellites *3-man space defense turrets. Used to defend capture points on Vanguard. -YT600 *Repair craft for Taskforce. Can repair capital ships very quickly. (Pilot) *Has two defensive turrets for fighter protection. -ATAT *A mobile spawn, has 6 crew positions. Pilot, Copilot, door operation, and three passengers. *Crew 5 and 6 exit to ground level. *Armor is to strong for normal blasters- use harpoons and the heavy AV turrets. -GAIN_135 *3 seat landspeeder, with a tail gun added for extra fun! -Sentry Droid *Imperial scout droid that can call in artillery. -TieBomber_V Variant *On Vanguard, the Tie Bomber comes with rockets rather than bombs.
Amazing work, guys.

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