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 Feb 03, 2005 - 02:00 PM - by Michael
* IPKonfig on Cheaters

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
IPKonfig have put out a word on cheaters in video games and what to do about them:

Most people who cheat these days wouldn't openly admit they have no skills and have to resort to cheating just to keep up with real gamers. What cheaters do on their own servers is their business but what they don't realize is, when someone comes into a server and hacks or cheats, it doesn't just ruin the fun for pretty much everyone on the server, but it wastes every ones time.

The truth is companies all over that produce the games everyone enjoys should jump in and start working to cut down, if not stop cheating by looking into the matter a bit more, and definitely listening to the community's complaints. Some game software developers are doing just that by going to PunkBuster, a server, and client based software to help block, kick, and sometimes ban players, for using hacks/cheats. While the software is not 100% bullet proof, it stops the kiddy-hackers out there that aren't that skilled in hacking. However, whether it be an individual experienced or not, it's something at hand to fight the battle.


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