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 Feb 02, 2005 - 11:30 AM - by Michael
* Ishtan Q&A

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
MMHell have come up with an interview on a little-known MMORPG called Ishtan (not to be confused with the box-office bomb Ishtar). Nifty features include keeping all players on one "virtual" server, to encourage roleplaying.

Ishtan is a medieval fantasy role playing game set on the Island of Ishtan which covers approximately 22,500 sq kilometers. The game will use one virtual server for all members so that they can all play and interact with each other within the one virtual gaming world. Within Ishtan players may choose from 16 different playable races each with their own benefits and limitations, and 12 different character classes. The character classes are all fighting classes but with a wide variety of skills available players may also choose to make their way through the game with professions such as black smithing, Alchemists, Tailors etc...

Ruling area's of Ishtan are three cities, Good, Neutral, and Evil respectively. The good city offers reasonable protection for it's citizens, has some fairly strict laws and a fairly structured way of life, for the most part, citizens here can live a trouble free existence until they wish to find more excitement within the outside world. In contrast, the Evil city has a fairly flexible legal system, guards and city officials are quite open to bribes, Citizens here are able to behave with little regard to the welfare of others and as a starting place for new players this city is a dangerous place to be. The Neutral city is a blend of the two, Laws are more flexible than within the Good City but for the most part citizens are expected to behave with respect. The Neutral city takes many of the best aspects from the Good and Evil cities but also a few of their worst aspects and life here can be a little unexpected at times.
It's an interesting (and reasonably long) interview, if you have the time to read it.

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