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 Jan 31, 2005 - 11:00 AM - by Michael
* Source vs Doom 3

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Devmaster has a technological comparison of the two big 3D engines today: Source and Doom 3.

The answer to the convoluted question of what engine would I like to develop for is obvious, neither. Just kidding, but I do prefer the challenge of creating my own engine than using an off-the-shelf one even if it is the Source Engine or Doom 3 Engine. Joking aside, it's pretty obvious that for making a game the Source Engine is the obvious pick. If I wanted to make a graphics demo or even a CG movie I would probably pick the Doom 3 Engine. The Doom 3 Engine's only advantage is the in the graphics department, which won't make a complete or even a good game. The Source Engine is the complete package and its only competition for graphics is Far Cry and Doom 3. Combining the two engines would be a dream of mine and pretty much any other game developer out there. Both Valve and id did a great job with ushering in the new age of game engines. I can't wait to see their next iterations and what Tim Sweeny has come up with for Unreal Engine 3.
Congrats to both parties, then.

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