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 Jan 24, 2005 - 12:00 AM - by Michael
* PA gets Blizzard Q&A

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Penny-Arcade sent off some questions to Blizzard via email, and have gotten back the most amazing set of direct answers Blizzard have ever handed out.

2. If it's true that the server problems are related to the overwhelming number of players, why was no effort made to better distribute players evenly across realms, or allow players and guilds to transfer to less populated servers?

We actually did have a number of checks in place at launch to distribute players as evenly as possible across realms. When a new account logged in, the game would ask what realm rule set and time zone the player preferred, and then it would suggest the realm with the lowest population that matched the selected preferences. That said, we're definitely working on resolving the overpopulation problems that ended up occurring on some realms despite our preventative measures. A realm-transfer option that would allow players to move from their high-population realm to one with a low population is one of the things we?re investigating. We?re exploring this option fully and hope to be able to communicate more detailed information about it to our customers in the coming weeks.
I'm sure you can read the rest of it for yourself.

Bottom Line, Blizzard are fixing it as fast as they can, and most of the worlds are working already.

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