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 Jan 21, 2005 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* Oddworld Q&A

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Gamezone's got an interview with Lorne Lanning up covering the soon-to-be-released next Oddworld title, where you use cute little furry creatures as ammunition.

?We wanted intelligent AI that was more persistent,? says Lorne, going over the unique features that Stranger?s Wrath has to offer. When exploring the world in third-person mode, Stranger (the star of the game) can move at an astonishing 55mph. This ability allows him to pummel enemies at high speeds.

Switch to the first-person view and the game turns on its Halo charm. Lorne tells us that the controls are a lot like Halo?s, and that speed and character movement is very close (15mph as opposed to 55mph when in third-person view).

Live Ammo serves as your arsenal when using the first-person mode, and if you switch back to third-person mode, you?ll discover another type of attack: melee. Get up close and personal with your thugs and show ?em what you?re made of.
Ooooohhh.... nifty.

Just as Oddworld gave us a new dimension of 2-d gaming that hadn't been done well before, I'm expecting good things from Stranger.

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