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 Jan 13, 2005 - 11:30 AM - by Michael
* Saving Lara

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IGN's PS2 department offers up some helpful criticism for Eidos to reinvent Lara Croft in time for her next title.

Two staffers go at it on storyline, gameplay control, puzzles... pretty much everything.

There really is nothing inherently wrong with a puzzle room and the Prince of Persia games have proved that that still works today, but the puzzles here need to be less straightforward. Some of the early puzzles will be linear, but they can progress to become puzzles that bend the rules further and further until the players can figure out ways on their own without a pile of hints. There should also be multiple ways of getting things done that are all equally interesting. This makes the puzzles feel more realistic and rewards gamers for constantly trying something new instead of just using The Solution to The Puzzle.

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