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 Jan 10, 2005 - 03:00 PM - by Michael
* Orson Scott Card greenlights MMORPG

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Over on, Orson Scott Card confirms that he has linked up with eGenesis to see Tales of Alvin Maker made into an MMORPG.

The game will be by paid subscription and will be played online. It will take some time to develop it, of course, but progress reports will be made here, including graphics as they become available.

For Hatrackers who have characters in our little town, we will set up a registry for you and try to reserve those names for you, if you wish, when the game is actually up and running. I'll be holding on to "Horace Guester" for myself.

And Andy Tepper says that he will come into the Hatrack forums from time to time during game development to learn from what we've already done.

Meanwhile, I will be involved in game development -- but I know enough about game design that I intend to let a very good design and programming team do their work without interference from me.

I will help mostly by coming up with ideas and possibilities for "off-track" events -- things that are happening in Alvin's world, but which will never show up in the books. I will also protect the books by making sure that the game doesn't contradict them in any serious way.
As eGenesis are the same people who created the noncombat MMO "A Tale in the Desert", this could be an interesting matchup indeed.

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