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 Jan 10, 2005 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* Xbox2 and the Lie?

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Kikizo Games covers the "lie" about the Xbox and Xbox2: the ongoing question of whether it's a gaming device (as originally touted) or a whole entertainment unit that plays games as one of its many features.

Bill Gates, of course, sees it as the second:

The fact that Microsoft has told potentially one of the most significant white lies in the history of the entertainment industry seems to be scarcely acknowledged these days. Before, executives said time and time again that Xbox, as a product and a business model, would be purely about games (one example on Kikizo is from an interview with J Allard conducted back in September 2002, "my team is a hundred per cent focussed on gaming"). In fact, it is pretty obvious that it was always the plan to have a "media delivery box" and answer to the demands of this "digital entertainment lifestyle", something the company's Xbox boss Robbie Bach discussed as a focal point of his E3 2004 presentation.

Gates confirmed in the new interview, "We didn't do Xbox just to do a video game; we did it to be part of our vision of the digital lifestyle, and with the next generation, we really get to go there... as we go into this next generation, it's much broader... for a broader set of people, more communications, more media, more connectivity. And at the same time, we move up to things like high-definition graphics and wireless that the chip breakthroughs allow us to get to."
Ehh... if it plays games, I'm happy with it. The extra stuff is just that - extra.

The problem comes in if the extra stuff is used to "justify" a ridiculous price tag.

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