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 Jan 06, 2005 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* City of Heroes Advances

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
City of Heroes have gone to Issue 3, advancing the storyline once more.

Characters who reach level 50 can now evolve into new "epic" archetype characters with origins based on outer space visitors, the Kheldians. These characters emerge at level 1, with Peacebringer or Warshade archetype options.

"The takeover of an entire villain group is a major advancement of the City of Heroes story line," said Jack Emmert at Cryptic Studios. "We wanted to demonstrate that, like any good story, City of Heroes will have plot twists and unique events that will continue to challenge and involve our players. This storyline shift will lead to future changes that will be part of the game's ever changing environment and lore."
Epic level play is cool, and it looks like they're doing well with the storyline. Ah, to have time for MMORPG play...

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