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 Jan 03, 2005 - 04:30 PM - by Michael
* Alphabetical Keyboards?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
For those who've never learned to type, here's yet another way to get behind the curve.

After 130 years since inception of QWERTY, a new contender finally steps forward. The new keyboard from New Standard, whose keys are arranged alphabetically, has the first 13 alphabet keys from A to M sitting the left side and the rest on the right hand side. Besides this radical change, the cursors and the function keys are relocated to the middle and bottom of the keyboard respectively. Suffice to say, everything is changed down to the physical size.
They completely MISSED the already-contending Dvorak keyboard layout in the article, of course.

Oh, and with only 53 keys, the only use for this thing I can see would be on ultra-tiny laptops. I'm not a big fan of having three different shift keys to deal with; actually, even when using a laptop with QWERTY or Dvorak installed I get twitchy because I'm missing the numeric keypad on the right.

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