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 Jan 03, 2005 - 02:30 PM - by Michael
* Snes9x Updated: 1.43

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
The venerable old SNES emulator, Snes9x, has been updated to version 1.43.

The list of updates:

Changes for Snes9x 1.43:
- Win32: Disabled Netplay (funkyass)
- Win32: Various fixes, including ROM dialog (funkyass)
- Win32: New Input Config Dialog (funkyass)
- Win32: added .avi output feature (blip)
- Win32: fixed frame timings >100ms, added frame advance (blip)
- Rewrote Unfreeze, renamed it S9xUnfreezeFromStream,
failing to load a freeze file no longer resets emulation (blip)
- Fixed Unfreeze to restore IPPU.HDMA properly (blip)
- Rewrote OBC1 code to match the real chip (Overload)
- More updates the to DSP-1 code, fixes to projection (Overload, Andreas Naive)
- Unix/X11: Rewrote keyboard setup code (Bisqwit)
- Added movie recording+rerecording support (blip, Bisqwit)
- Added -hidemenu CLI switch (funkyass)
- fixed broken Win32 filters (lantus)
- Added internal support for emulating the new-style SNES (MKendora)
- Cleaned up many quirks of the cheat search engine (MKendora, Don Vincenzo)
- Fix mosaic in hires SNES modes (Tokimeki Memorial) (MKendora, zones)
- Rewrote Legend's hack, added another game to it (MKendora)
- Optimized the Open ROM dialog (MKendora)
- Rewrote the Seta DSP map (The Dumper, MKendora)
- Began string isolation for the UI, eases translation (funkyass)
- added -nopatch -nocheat, and -cheat CLI items (MKendora)
- fixed a UI typo (funkyass)
- fixed several C core stack ops in emulation mode (MKendora)
- split emulation mode ops from native mode ops (MKendora)
- Seta special chip emulation enhancements (Feather, The Dumper, Overload, MKendora)
- code tweaks to the ST010 (Nach, pagefault)
- fix some C/asm quirks and HDMA quirks (all my fault) (MKendora)
- several timing hacks to fix games (lantus)
- improved checksumming for odd mirrorings (MKendora)
- Snes9x uses a standard zlib instead of a packaged one (PBortas)
- Exhaust Heat 2 and regional ports are playable (Feather, The Dumper, Overload, MKendora)
- Game Doctor dumps that are 24 Mbit are now supported by
a force option (MKendora, Nach)
- SuperFx interleave format is now considered deprecated.
Support will be removed in future versions (Team decision)
- made SuperFx interleave detection a compile option (MKendora)
- added memory maps for slotted games (MKendora)
- fixed a typo in the usage messages (MKendora)
- fixed the bug that had nuked optimizations (The Dumper)
- restored full speed optimizations in release builds (funkyass)
- Added non-speed-hack version of color subtraction. (zones)
- OpenGL info message font fix (zones)
- APU timer fix (zones, Nach)
- Fixed mouse offset in resized X11 window. (PhaethonH)
- Fixed a (presumably) long-standing bug: Mode 6's BG is
depth 4, not depth 8! (anomie)
- Unix: unmap all joystick buttons before applying -joymapX (anomie)
- Win32: added a define to disable pausing when focus is lost, NOPAUSE (funkyass)
- Win32: Changed the default for Auto-save SRAM to 15 sec (funkyass)
- Dreamcast: Added SH4 assembler (PBortas, Marcus Comstedt, Per Hedbor)
- C90 and aclocal 1.8 warning fixes (thanks Ville Skytt? (PBortas)
- Unix: AMD64 compilation fixes. (PBortas)
- Added support for NSRT Team's JMA format (Nach, NSRT Team, funkyass)
- Unix: Loading a zip file on binaries without zip support
will give an appropriate error message (Nach)
- Unix: Added install target with proper --prefix handling. (PBortas)
Thanks as always for keeping up on this, guys; it's good to see the old games kept alive.

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