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 Dec 15, 2004 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* Doom Movie Petition

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Despite the Open Letter to fans (see below), many fans of Doom aren't happy about the proposed storyline changes in the making of the Doom movie.

There's even A Petition.

The Purpose of this site is to attempt to bring awareness to the producers of the DooM Movie that the DooM community is not at all happy with the supposed changes that have been circulating the internet, and that the community is prepared to boycott this movie. These changes supposedly include the DooM Movie:

a) Taking place on an unknown planet. (ie: No Mars) What was so hard about the location of this movie? Doom takes place on Mars, yet the movie does not. As far as movie sets go, one planet looks the same as the other, so there's simply no excuse to leave this out.
b) Having nothing to do with Hell, instead having the monsters and zombies origin being the result of a virus. This is a completely undermining the point of the game entirely, Doom pivoting plot point is that Hell invades, without it the movie is not Doom and can't even pretend to be Doom. Rather it's just a rehash of a tired sci-fi cliche with the Doom name for a title. If we wanted to see a simple horror-sci-fi movie, we'd watch Event Horizon.
c) Supposedly involving S.W.A.T. Team members instead of Space Marines. As stated before, something so simple as what the name of the uniformed soldiers in the movie didn't even try hold continuity. There's no reason or purpose to change Space Marines, which is Doom's staple, to something different. It's just bad taste and bad scripting.
d) Having no UAC (Union Aerospace Commission) involved in the movie. Though unconfirmed, this would be another key element of the Doom saga left out.
e) Several minor issues, such as the BFG (Big F*ing Gun) now renamed to "Bio Force Gun." As well as all the great DooM Hellspawn such as the Pinky Demon, the Baron of Hell and several others being played by Human characters, and given uncreative names like "Pinky" and "Goat" and "Baron." This is not only uncreative, but rather creating a movie without the Doom plotline and letting it stand "as-is", this movie makes deliberate nods and references to the game, like it's trying so hard to be true to the game, but falls short because the plot has nothing to do with the game at all. Why even bother calling the personnel by gimmicky little nicknames so we can tell what they'll mutate to? Again, just bad scripting and character casting.

As many of you probably know and feel, this has angered the doom community as it has taken away what has been said to be the heart and soul of DooM. The Producers of the DooM movie seem to feel that the movie would be better off if they took out certain aspects to bring down the Age Rating. After all, this would make them more money, but would not necessarily please the fans.


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