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 Dec 14, 2004 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Open Letter to Doom Fans re: Movie Script

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
HomeLAN Fed has an open letter from the scriptwriter of the upcoming Doom movie, to game fans: Dear Doom Fans.

I've found it frustrating that I somehow became the goat for the perceived shortcomings of the film, because (and I say this with no humility whatsoever, because I'm not a humble person), that I am, without a doubt, the greatest ally the Doom fan has had during the entire process of the film being made. I am the only person involved creatively who has ever made any attempt to open discourse with the game's internet fanbase, and I am the only person involved who has continually kept the ideals of the game first and foremost in mind. I very truthfully believe that my unapologetic and hyper-violent script would have been a Doom fan's movie dream come true. However, since my involvement, the film has steadily moved away from the realm of fandom and more toward the realm of traditional Hollywood interests. It's not been ideal, in my opinion, but I did what I could when I could, and I stand by that work.

No film adaptation can ever match the expectations of the original fans, and the Doom movie will be no different. You as fans each have your own perfect version of the Doom film already shot in your head, and those versions aren't always what the guy next to you would want to see in the same movie (someone out there on sure loved the idea of Howie Long as Doomguy -- which is perfect aesthetically, but let's face it, totally absurd if you want this movie to come out in theatres). I myself have a perfect version of the Doom movie all played out in my head--I even wrote it down--and it's not getting made either. And I'm not always real happy about it, but I do understand that that is the nature of the Hollywood machine. The bottom line is there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of good people working their asses off on this movie right now, and you, just like me, have to trust them to do the best job they can. I don't enjoy watching a bunch of strangers bastardize my baby any more than you do, but really none of us can do anything about it at this point, so I hope that at least some of you will fret, with me, in the direction of optimism. We all have high expectations, and a lot of them won't be met, but the bottom line is the movie is going to be pretty cool.
We'll see...

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