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 Dec 13, 2004 - 05:00 PM - by Michael
* PSP Battery Journal

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Mobile gaming (GBA/etc)
IGN's started up a Battery Journal for users of the PSP, trying to answer the question of how much life the thing's got.

Why do it that way? Because watching movies, playing games, and listening to music all take differing amounts of power, and so unlike the GBA SP or the Nintendo DS, you can't really say "Well it uses X hours on a GBA title or X hours on a DS title..."

The key so far? One game ought to last about 5 hours or so, uninterrupted.

So we've at last played our way through a full battery charge cycle. In case you don't feel like counting, the battery died after about four hours and fourty-five minutes of five different games and one hour of MP3 play. We didn't use the WiFi features of the system at all during this time.

Keep in mind that we avoided charging the system a number of times that we could've easily plugged it in (in particular, as we slept). Unless we plan on playing games for more than five hours in a row, the battery seems like it'll be okay to us. Of course, for long trips, we may find ourselves picking up a spare just in case (they're about $40 at retail).


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