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 Dec 02, 2004 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* CW weighs in on Lycos Screensaver

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
ComputerWeekly has weighed in a bit on the Lycos anti-spam screensaver and some of the legal questions:

Although the screensaver does not send spam, violating antispam laws, it could potentially violate rules against launching a denial of service attack, he said.

But Lycos Europe claims that it does not intend to actually take down the spammers' sites, just deteriorate their performance. The company is using a central database to manage the sites the screensavers are attacking and regularly takes sites out of the attack cycle to make sure that they are not entirely brought down, it said.

That aside, Cluley advised users not to use the screensaver, which could eat up company bandwidth and possibly incite the ire of hackers.

"My advice is to get a decent spam filter, and to stop buying things advertised in spam," he said.
Good advice, but it hasn't stopped spammers from profiting off of a number of idiots in years past; user education, alas, seems to only go so far in fighting spam, and the more we educate, the harder they work to blast everyone in order to find those idiots.

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