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 Nov 30, 2004 - 02:30 PM - by Michael
* Knights of Honor Patched

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Knights of Honor - the PC RTS/Wargame hybrid - has been given a small patch.

New features:

- General: Hotkeys ('Alt+1' through 'Alt+4') are available, selecting knights respectively from 1 through 4.
- General: Added new chat/console function. In SP 'Enter' invokes the new system console. In MP 'Enter' invokes chat with the all allies, while 'Shift-Enter' - chats with all players.
- General: Marshal's (Player's) name is added to the UI when the knight's squad is selected.
- General: Improved town gate behaviour.
- General: Action commands now have fixed positions in the UI.
- General: Added new icons for human and AI castles in minimap. Players are able to rollover realms, which invokes info connected to the kingdom properties. The kingdoms are selectable in the minimap political mode.
- General: Added game time, so player is able to see how long it took to conquer Europe (on/off via F11 Key).

- Singleplayer: Improved AI logic when defending town which has superiority.
- Singleplayer: Improved AI logic for protection of skilled marshals.
- Singleplayer: Improved AI logic when kingdom offers gift.
- Singleplayer: Improved building AI, which now classifies the realms and applies different building tactics for each realm type.
- Singleplayer: Improved trader AI logic, which now allows AI to import valuables which cannot be produced withing kingdom boundaries.
- Singleplayer: Improved draft army interface in realms.
- Singleplayer: Added notification when rebel captures player's realm.
- Singleplayer: Added notification when puppet king dies.
- Singleplayer: Added notification when player's spy becomes king of a foreign realm.
- Singleplayer: Added notification of realm loss (when player's realms join neighbouring realms, declare independence).
- Singleplayer: Added notification when enemy has to break aggrements with player.
- Singleplayer: Added notification when Pope accepts kingdom back into Catholic church (the excommunication is over).
- Singleplayer: Clicking on water in the Political View scrolls the world view to the proper location.
- Singleplayer: Added mercenary cost in the mercenary tooltip.
- Singleplayer: Player is able to see which units are available in realm without sending a marshal into it or when all available slots are full.
- Singleplayer: Added different harbour icons in province overview dialog. When realm is able to import exotics the harbour icon changes, showing player the new opportunity.

- Multiplayer: Added "Ctrl+Enter" to send a visual and audio signal on the minimap to allies.
- Multiplayer: Added "Ctrl-Shift-Enter" to send a visual and audio signal on the minimap to all players (not only to allies).
- Multiplayer: Press "tab"-Key to jump to the location which was shown by the latest "ping" sent
- Multiplayer: Kingdom shields are added to the lower-left corner of the player's knight's portraits.
- Multiplayer: New "King of Tower"-Maps added:
Cold Winter
Green Heaven
Little Wood
Poor Hills
Rocky Village
Sand Sea
Small Desert

- Multiplayer/Lobby: The last player's unit selection is stored in the player's profile.
- Multiplayer/Lobby: 'Ctrl-1' through 'Ctrl-6' inserts n-th player name in the chat-line.
- Multiplayer/Lobby: Experience cost is showed in the tooltip.
- Multiplayer/Closeview: Improved initial army placement.
- Multiplayer/Closeview: Repulsion when squads are making space for other moving squads.
- Multiplayer/Closeview/Lobby: Added new enhanced tooltip for units, showing additional info such as Chance-to-Hit, Defence, Squad Size, etc.
In addition, they've fixed a number of minor bugs, and a few major game-crashing bugs.

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