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 Nov 29, 2004 - 04:00 PM - by Michael
* AMDZone - CPU/Video scaling in Half-Life 2

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Since your rig is only as good as its weakest link, AMDZone have taken a look at whether it's your CPU, or Video card, slowing down your Half-Life 2 experience.

Our results show that at 1GHz to about 1.7GHz there is no separation performance at each resolution. At 1.8GHz we start to sees some separation, and by the time we get up to 2.2GHz things really start to separate for the 1280X1024 resolution that more gamers are likely to play at.

CPU scaling is clear throughout as the grade at which performance increases is pretty even up until we start to hit the wall at 2.7GHz. We see at that speed performance begins to level out which could mean that the video card has reached its limit in performance.

So we see that Half Life 2 will scale very linearly with the Athlon 64 when the video card is not the limiting factor. If there is sufficient interest we may add results with lower performing graphic cards.
They have a graph depicting the results overlayed on a HL-2 screenshot as well. It's a good, if quick, read for those of you planning an upgrade sometime in the near future.

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