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 Nov 19, 2004 - 08:00 AM - by Michael
* Matrix Q&A on Gamezone

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
GameZone has an interview with Toby Ragaini regarding Monolith's upcoming Matrix MMO.

The big news: the story does NOT involve Neo and the rest - that story's already done with. The MMO is set after the movies.

Q: Does this game take place in the Matrix, or will players pilot ships and be involved with that whole aspect of protecting Zion?

Toby: The brothers have told the story of what happened in Zion. The siege is over, and with it, the action in the real world has subsided. With that in mind, MxO takes place exclusively inside the Matrix, and smaller ?pocket worlds? called constructs.

Q: How will players level up and as they level, how do they accrue skills?

Toby: Abilities are set up in a dependency tree structure, not unlike a tech-tree in strategy games. Unlike Neo, player characters must gain the mental capacity to contain abilities. At low levels, characters only have memory capacity for a handful of novice abilities. As characters gain more memory capacity, they can advance farther up the ability tree and load more and more fantastic abilities. Finally, individual abilities can be improved, so players have multiple axis of advancement.


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