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 May 11, 2011 - 07:15 AM - by Michael
* Sony, Sony, Sony

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Where to start.

Looks like the gaming news for the last week has basically been "Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony" - a nonstop drone. PSN's down another day. PSN's down yet another day. SOE online games has been compromised too.

Yep, they are still down.

Due to a total rebuild of Sony's infrastructure regarding security, they may not be up until the end of May.

Capcom says they've been screwed by PSN being down. To say nothing of gamers who bought the PSN version of Bionic Commando 2, which uses "phone home" DRM and now is a single-player game that won't work because PSN is down.

Other developers are actively thinking of simply leaving Sony entirely unless Sony compensates them for lost income due to PSN's downtime.

Where to start really?
To the collective group known as 'Anonymous' - well, whether intended or not, you were 'involved' in the PSN going down. That's going to generate a lot of animosity towards you. Deal with it.

To the hacker(s) who actually broke in and stole identity information: I hope you get caught in some nation that hangs people like you from your thumbs till you die.

To the idiots at Sony who failed to properly secure their systems... I think it's all been said, really. F*** you.

No more Sony from me. The story, such as it is, is now basically a waiting game, everyone twiddling their thumbs till PSN actually comes back online, and an object lesson on why phone-home DRM is a really shitty idea that consumers ought to reject.

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