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 Feb 07, 2011 - 06:12 PM - by Michael
* No More Bloatware

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Hot Hardware carries an open letter as an ultimatum: PC makers, stop shipping bloatware already!

It's time for companies to take note: consumers do not want bloatware. It's a royal pain from top to bottom, and moreover, it ruins your brand! When people think of HP and Dell, they immediately think of just how infuriating it is that their last "new" PC took over one minute to boot up and become useable. To these companies: why are you saddling your machines with software that makes it less enjoyable to use? Does anyone at HP, Dell, Acer or Asus actually boot up one of these machines themselves and try to use it? It's painful, and incredibly frustrating. What if I don't want a security suite on my PC? Or what if I prefer Norton, and have to spend half an hour uninstalling McAfee just to make room for my preferred alternative? Why should the first 30 minutes of PC ownership involve the process of uninstalling programs that I never wanted in the first place? And even after that, fragments are still left floating on the hard drive, further dampening performance.
Well stated. One of these days, maybe the PC makers will take notice... but I worry they won't. After all, they have all these "agreements" to push this garbage onto unwary consumers.

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