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 May 04, 2010 - 10:43 AM - by Michael
* EVGA blocking discussions...

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
NVidia, a while back, screwed customers - if you have a GeForce card in your system for PhysX usage, but also have a non-Nvidia card, their drivers switched to disable PhysX anyways.

Needless to say, a hack to fix this and restore full function came quickly. And so did a ton of drama, since sites that are NVidia partisans like Guru3D and Hardocp started accusing the hack writer of distributing viruses, counteraccusations were made, Hardocp went through one of their pretty common forum-lockdowns and keyword-lockdowns... all the usual internet silliness.

EVGA's now banned any discussion of the hack from their forums. NGOHQ has something to say on the matter:

Dear EVGA, before you talk about "intellectual property", let's talk about "property". Consumers bought a piece of hardware that was designed to perform several tasks. After some time, Nvidia deviously crippled the product and introduced new restrictions that weren't in the "minimum requirements", that's illegal - plain and simple. It's none of EVGA's/Nvidia's business if we have an additional Non-Nvidia GPU in our systems or not.
I'm reminded of when NVidia decided to screw owners of fully functional 3D shutter glasses and tried to force people to shell out over $300 for their "new version" of the same damn thing. They've been burning a lot of customer goodwill in recent years... I don't doubt that since EVGA makes Nvidia-based boards, they have some legal obligation not to discuss hacked drivers and to quash that, but it still reeks of a bit of nonsense.

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