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 Mar 15, 2010 - 03:57 PM - by Michael
* Bioshock 2's "DLC" Isn't

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Pain for Bioshock 2's multiplayer fans; the recent "Sinclair Solutions" multiplayer add-on is already on the disc and you're being charged your $5... for a plain old unlock code.

Yep. Nickeled and dimed. They claim it's so people who don't buy the pack will still be able to play with those who do.

I'm not buying it.

It does raise the question of what will happen with future DLC. This pack is a large boost to the multiplayer, but 2K has promised more packs coming in the future, which could include more multiplayer expansions. If this move was made to keep from splitting the player base, one has to wonder if future multiplayer DLC is already on the disc as well. The effort to keep everyone playing together is noble, but if it leads to more instances like this one months down the line, fans will probably grow increasingly annoyed.


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