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 Mar 15, 2010 - 08:57 AM - by Michael
* Oddities in gaming

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Xbox/Xbox Games
First up: Bioshock 2. No, I haven't actually seen the ending.

Honestly, I'm not sure I want to. The point I'm at right now seems pretty upbeat. It'd make for a heck of a third game to have roles reversed and the gamer play Eleanor. I'm not sure I want to know what happens to Subject Delta, because I'm pretty sure it can't be good from here. Besides, my goal is done; the girl is rescued, right? We're back together, right?

I am reminded of Shadow of the Colossus, where some gamers got to the final boss and simply stopped.

Also, started up Final Fantasy XIII. So far, Vanille seems to be creepy oblivious girl. There's just something that seems entirely too cheerful for her, what with dancing around in a major war zone where people are being dropped to their deaths...

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