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 Nov 04, 2009 - 01:28 PM - by Michael
* Intel Antitrust

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Intel is up bleep creek: the New York Attorney General has filed a major antitrust case against them.

The case is made that Intel made illegal deals and kickbacks in order to keep PC makers from making AMD-based models.

According to Cuomo's statement, a January 2005 email from a IBM executive said: "I understand the point about the accounts wanting a full AMD portfolio. The question is, can we afford to accept the wrath of Intel...?"

An internal Dell email in February 2004 said Intel was "prepared for jihad if Dell joins the AMD exodus. We get ZERO [rebates] for at least one quarter while Intel 'investigates the details.'"

Cuomo said Intel "attempted to erase the most obvious traces" of illegal activity "by camouflaging language" in written correspondence.

A 2006 Internal email from an Intel executive said: "Let's talk more on the phone as it's so difficult for me to write or explain without considering anti-trust [sic] issue."

Ouch. This does not bode well for Intel...

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