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 Oct 28, 2009 - 07:49 AM - by Michael
* X-Arcade Finally Gets Xbox360

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Xbox/Xbox Games
If you've owned X-Arcade game joysticks, you know how much you'd love to use them for those delicious Xbox360 Live Arcade titles... and good news has finally come!

Despite Microsoft still not wanting to license an official peripheral, they've come up with an alternative that can map directly to a wired Xbox360 controller to do the job.

Game on!


* Works with any first or third-party Xbox 360? wired gamepad
* Requires one adapter per player
* Adapter may also be used to convert any standard Playstation 2 device to control Xbox 360? titles.

Why must you connect with Playstation 2? Adapter?

We apologize for this complicated workaround requiring a Playstation 2? adapter and wired 360? Gamepad, but Microsoft is legally prohibiting Xgaming and many third-party companies from creating a directly supported device. You can sign up to be notified when a direct adapter is available, but we currently have no estimate on availability.


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