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 Aug 11, 2009 - 08:44 AM - by Michael
* Classic console goofs

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Technologizer offers - through the "lens of history" - a group of consoles they think had bad design flaws.

Not all of these are really flaws; yes, the Intellivision's side buttons were awkward, but a lot of the Int's old games really did make good use of the keypad (Tron Deadly Discs, for instance, used it as a 9-direction "fire button" allowing the player to shoot in a direction other than they were moving, or switch to a directional blocking move).

What Were They Thinking?

The designers at Mattel responsible for the Intellivision controller probably thought they were being clever and innovative. They probably felt that the numeric keypad lent the console an air of futuristic savvy. Sadly, they were wrong. Many players suffered through the controllers anyway, as the Intellivision hosted a large share of great games. Like proponents of other bad-but-classic technologies, those who defend the Intellivision?s knucklebusters primarily do so out of nostalgia (i.e. we walked uphill both ways on nails and we liked it).


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