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 Nov 10, 2004 - 08:00 AM - by Michael
* Grand Theft Warthog

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Now quite a ways into Halo2, some first impressions.

The AI, that we thought couldn't be enhanced after the first Halo, has been enhanced. The Covenant are smarter, a bit quicker on the draw, better at tactics; it's beautiful. It's also nice to see them taking the whole "leader" thing seriously - wiping out the Elite, and watching a bunch of grunts break and run away for a short while, is damned satisfying.

The graphics are beautiful. While they may not quite be up to the level of a PC title, and the resolution at 480p is slightly disappointing, it's still amazing. I won't say that Bungie's squeezed every bit of graphical performance out of the Xbox, but they've come damn close.

The big feature that'll blow your mind, however, is the presence of vehicle theft. Not Grand Theft Auto-style, but there nonetheless - jump at a moving vehicle, hit the button in the right timing, and cling to the vehicle. Small ones like Ghosts, you'll kick them out and take over. Big ones, tanks and such, you get to pound off a hatch and toss in a grenade. It's a thing of beauty.

The terrifying thought is that the enemy will do this to you, too. At least twice now, I've tried to run over an Elite, only to find him clinging to the front of my Ghost and kicking me out of the driver's seat.

Bravo, Bungie. Well done.

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