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 Nov 08, 2004 - 06:36 PM - by Michael
* Shellshock: Nam '67 mini-review

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Shellshock 'Nam 67 is part of the new breed of FPS titles; while many of our greatest titles (Wolfenstein, Call of Duty) are set in World War II, memories are aging, and the Vietnam and Korean conflicts are fresher in memory.

Enter the Vietnam titles. They're coming, and will probably be here for some time to come. We've also seen Kuma:War and other "recent" war titles, but the FPS genre is likely to still focus either on futuristic landscapes or past conflicts where the history is either set in stone, or can be altered to suit the designer's tastes.

Functionally, the designers set out to emulate a Vietnam base camp, and 11 somewhat forgettable missions. This easily earned them an M (Mature) rating on the game; blood, gore, more gore in the levels, while between missions scantily clad pin-ups, drugs, and sex (referred to as "boom-boom") are all purchasable.

The hit detection system, for what it is, is quite good - enemies hit in certain areas drop to protect their wound, enemies hit in the leg or foot lose their balance... and after a short time, return to attack. Note to self: make sure they're dead. Again, very accurate to Vietnam, but likely to give small children bad ideas or nightmares. The controversy that surrounded Vietnam is there in full bloody detail, including a soundtrack made up of, ironically, mostly Vietnam protest songs.

If the missions matched the mood, this game would be great. Unfortunately, there are only 11 missions, and they're rather bland. Plus, there's no training mission (even accessible as a separate menu selection) so, functionally, players are dropped into the first mission and mortar attack with no training. Accurate, if messy, and not very good gameplay. The game is also somewhat dodgy about ammunition storage, picking up ammo only for the currently equipped weapon rather than holding even 1-2 clips of other types just in case.

All in all, I can only give Shellshock: Nam '67 three stars. It's an interesting title, but not tremendously fun to play.

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