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 Nov 08, 2004 - 03:30 PM - by Michael
* Warren Spector leaves Ion Storm

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Warren Spector, the computer game design guru, has officially left Ion Storm.

It's not a complete break - he's still an "advisor", just not the full Studio Director, as he heads out to focus on personal projects.

Old news has it that his personal projects are heading up a studio that Midway recently bought out:

As soon as news spread of Spector's departure, speculation began to spread about the motivation behind it. In fact, said speculation was already widespread at the Austin Games Conference, where a well-placed source told GameSpot that Spector was rumored to be in negotiations to head up a new development studio Midway was establishing in Austin. Shortly thereafter, Midway bought Inevitable Entertainment, developer of its upcoming Area 51, and renamed it Midway Studios Austin.
Greatness to come, or someone leaving us before they got stale? You be the judge.

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