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 Oct 21, 2008 - 08:14 AM - by Michael
* Somebody who Doesn't Get It

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Over at VideoGamer, an interview with Randy Stude, the "president of the PC Gaming Alliance", which mostly degenerates into whining about "piracy" rather than addressing the real reasons PC gaming's having trouble. Would you suggest that for some publishers piracy is their own fault?

RS: Yeah. Any publisher today who's making any game that's going out on any platform and isn't thinking about the potential of piracy with the widespread availability of broadband and the patience that people have to kick-off a download that may take a day or more, if they're not thinking that's a real problem for them or a potential problem for them, then they're going to have challenges and they're going to act like it's a big surprise. It's like anything else in business. If you're not aware of the guy who's trying to steal your product then it's going to get stolen.
Yet another person who misses the larger picture - the "thieves" are a vast minority, and you're turning away tons of paying customers who don't want to be treated like garbage and forced to infest their computers with DRM viruses just to play the game.

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