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 Sep 09, 2008 - 08:18 AM - by Michael
* Wardell: How to Save PC Gaming

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Brad Wardell, of Stardock (famous for his proposed Gamers' Bill of Rights among other things), is offering up more: a plan to save PC gaming.

Brad Wardell: It did? But you know how to fix that stuff, right? Basically his solution was to reinstall Windows. And he says, "I'm done." He's not buying games from anybody, because he doesn't know what uses it and what doesn't.

And another guy bought a game, and he's in the armed forces, he's in Iraq actually. And the people there, not everybody there is in combat all the time, they're just stationed there, and they often don't have internet access. So he gets a game, it's single-player only--you can probably guess what game it is, pretty big-name game. And he can't play it because it insists on connecting to the internet to play it. And he's just like, "That's it. I can buy an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, and I'm not putting up with this. It just works."

So we collected all these things, and over the last couple years we started changing our own policies to fit this. Because it's easy to go and say how the game is and how it should work if you're not going to walk the walk.
As a former PC man who's been burned way too many times by DRM... I salute a developer willing to put his money where his mouth is and treat gamers as customers rather than thieves.

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