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 Sep 08, 2008 - 01:59 PM - by Michael
* Spore targeted for DRM

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Spore might wind up in the tank quick - there's an organized campaign to shoot it to rock-bottom in ratings on sites like Amazon in response to EA's asinine DRM setup.

As things stand right now, the review page for Spore is pretty grim reading for any EA executives keeping an eye on how the game has been received. Out of 135 reviews currently posted to the site, 116 rate the game at 1 star (the lowest rating on, with 6 reviews giving the game 2 stars, another 6 giving it 4 stars and 7 giving it the full 5 stars (however, two of these reviews are from 2006 - dating back to when the game was announced). The average rating now stands at 1.5 stars.
It's a shame that was looks like a decent game needs this treatment... but EA needs to learn to dump the DRM. Wander over to Amazon and let your voice be heard!

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