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 May 19, 2008 - 03:22 PM - by Michael
* AMD hits Game Standards

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
AMD's trying something MS tried a while back: evaluate games to make it easier to "certify" they'll run on your home machine.

AMD already thinks that the "Enthusiast" segment is saturated and doesn't need the assistance that the "Mainstream" gamers require to really adopt higher end gaming hardware. The problem is, as we have well known for a long time, is that PC gaming hardware can be a much more complex problem when compared to the simplicity of console gaming. It is this middle segment that the AMD GAME! initiative hopes to address with a couple of pseudo-standards to point potential gamers in the right direction.
Simple answer: if you have an intel video chip, chances are you can't play anything better than 4 years old or worse.

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