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 Nov 01, 2004 - 11:00 AM - by Michael
* AMDZone pissed at Dell

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
AMDZone is apparently pissed off at Dell.

The reason? Dell offers no machines with AMD chips in them. Dell's claim is that customers don't ask for the chips, but AMDZone thinks that's bull. I tend to agree with AMDZone on this one.

The biggest reason it seems is no customers of the big blue D are asking for the CPUs. This may contradict what top performer according to Microsoft? A 4P Opteron HP model. Surely with MS on board with AMD64 they would make sure they ran correctly, right? Now they do slant their comments to the server side where Intel and Dell are weakest in performance, and in flexibility of implementations. Again have you seen a game server, a web server, a file server, a print server, and render server, a firewall server, a load balancing server, not run an application it needed to? I would love to see examples posted below.

It seems pretty ridiculous that this is a reason for not adopting AMD CPUs. Perhaps for some very rare programs there could be issues, but big D is about marketshare, not niche markets.

Optimizations for CPUs is another big sticking point says Dull. Forget for a moment that current AMD CPUs support SSE, and SSE2, and that Intel has adopted x86-64. Apparently big blue D has. Intel can assess if you can improve performance out of your application for you says Rollins. AMD has clearly supported each major Intel instruction set, and in doing so have surpassed Intel in performance nearly everywhere. That can not be disputed. Where will this magical performance gain come from? Will Intel help every big blue D customer achieve it?

Then we see complaints about supporting more than one architecture. Wait a minute, so support x86 is more than one architecture? Again this makes no sense. The architectures are the same. They are both x86, and x86-64. Is Dull trying to call architecture the motherboard? Even so you can use the same memory, the same heatsinks, the same cases, the same video cards, the same hard drives, the same expansion cards. Does this keep them from using both Nvidia or ATI? Or both Seagate and Western Digital? Certainly not.

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