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 Feb 15, 2008 - 10:57 AM - by Michael
* Quake Wars 1, Punkbuster 0

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Well here we are - I've been working on reviewing Quake Wars for a while now. One of the oddities of reviewing an online-only game (no seriously, it has NO single-player, not even a decent tutorial) is trying to separate the game mechanics portion from the graphics from the players from the bolt-ons.

The worst bolt-on, alas, is PunkBuster. PB causes all sorts of issues in how far it gets into the OS. Worse yet, what it does in the case of a non-easy uninstall.

MY issue: a hard drive failure that took down the installed files from PB. End result? A stream of constant lockups until I was able to copy the data over in safe mode to a new drive and re-sync the drive lettering.

I can honestly say, if you're looking for a nice fun online game, Quake Wars is probably for you. At the same exact time, every QW server out there requires PunkBuster, which (should you ever experience a hardware/filesystem issue at all) will make your problems 100X bigger than they need to be.

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